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LMF: Log Monitoring Framework

By Max Schubert a.k.a. "perldork"


  • Flexible pattern matching system, uses perl regular expressions and allows the user to identify unique log activity patterns using capturing parenthesis.
  • Custom trigger and release scripts can be associated with rules; the trigger is called when a rule threshold is met, the release is called after the duration of a rule has expired.
  • Triggers, messages, and releases can all contain information taken from the live match.
  • Flexible configuration system; all files in the configuration directory that end in .conf will be read by LMF upon startup (like placing configuration files in /etc/httpd/conf.d/ with Apache on Linux).
  • Included fw (iptables drop/allow) script includes APF (Advanced Policy Firewall) integration code to allow LMF to whitelist any IP addresses / CIDR subnets specified in APFs' allow_hosts.rules config file. Also includes a local whitelist if you wish to just allow hostss through LMF and not also exclude them from APF.
  • Rule configurations can be read from a central server via HTTP/HTTPS with or without Apache authentication.